4 Tips for Learning English

June 15, 2021

1.    Set yourself realistic goals

So, for example, set yourself the goal of being able to do a presentation in English within 3months, provided your current level is not too far from the goal. Bite-sized deadlines are better rather than longer ones. Perhaps learn 20 new vocab words each week or be able to introduce yourself after 2 weeks.


2.    Keep a notebook

A very simple but important point – have a notebook specifically for English and write down your vocabulary and grammar learning. Writing things down helps you remember better!


3.    Set up a rhythm

Set aside specific times each week, perhaps on a daily basis, where you will learn English.  Maybe a YouTube video or even an English news article. But don’t overdo it! 20 minutes a day is still a good amount.


4.    Make the learning process fun.

If you dread doing English, then something is wrong. The learning experience should be enjoyable and if it is fun then you will be motivated and learn more easily. Maybe you need to change your tutor if you simply don’t enjoy learning.

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